While many of us think that stroke affects older people only, the fact is that a stroke can affect anyone.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you know to identify the early symptoms of stroke and seek medical attention.

Here are the most common symptoms:

Impaired vision – In the early stages of stroke, you may have a weak vision in one or both eyes. In fact, 44% of individuals who have experienced a stroke claimed to have also experienced loss of vision.

Vertigo-vertigo is a symptom of stroke that mostly affects women aged below 45 years. Seek medical attention whenever you experience vertigo.

Difficulty speaking and difficulty understanding speech– You may feel delirious and lose your ability to speak, which usually results in confusion. 

Loss of balance and difficulty in walking – You may suddenly feel weak and sluggish in your upper and lower extremities. This is indicative of an impending stroke and could result in paralysis or a collapse.  

Pain on one side of the face– While pain is not a common sign of a stroke, pain in the limbs on one side of your face could be indicative of a stroke.

Migraines – Strokes, especially in women, are normally accompanied by a severe headache. According to one study, 588 volunteers who experienced a pounding headache with stroke were largely young people.

Facial paralysis– Paralysis on one side of the face is a common sign of a stroke. 

Fatigue– According to studies,  women experience more symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, and disorientation compared to men. All of these are strong signs of a stroke.

Unremitting hiccups– This happens due to the stroke attacking the breathing centre in the brain. It mostly affects women. 

Difficulty Breathing – In the case of a stroke, you may experience a sudden loss of breath and trouble breathing. This is indicative of heart arrhythmia as a result of insufficient oxygen.

In conclusion, in order to reduce the risk of strokes, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight, minimize your alcohol intake, quit smoking, and be physically active.

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