10 Things You Need To Do To Never See Another Spider In Your Kitchen, Bathroom Or Bedroom Again


Nothing can be more annoying than having spiders crawling around your home.

Fortunately, there are effective natural remedies that can help you keep these insects at bay.

In fact, you don’t have to use to commercial repellents that are laden with harmful chemicals.

Try these remedies, and you’ll never see spiders in your home:


Rub orange or lemon peel on areas where spiders appear. This will get rid of the insects as they hate citrus.


Sprinkle some bits of tobacco on areas where the spiders appear to get rid of them.

Alternatively, soak tobacco in water and then spray the mixture all over the house.

Peppermint Oil

In a spray bottle, mix some peppermint with water and then spray in the entire house.

Besides leaving your house smelling great, this will also keep spiders away.


Insects hate cider. Hence, its use will keep insects at bay. You can also use cedar blocks in the closets and drawers. The results will amaze you!


Simply spray white vinegar throughout the house to get rid of spiders.


Chestnuts are also great for driving away spiders. Simply distribute them on the windowsills and they will effectively keep insects away.

Get A Cat

Cats are great hunters and they won’t spiders crawl around your home.

 A Clean Home

Maintain a high cleanliness level in your home. This ensures there are no cobwebs and hence no spider infestations. Likewise, vacuuming and keeping your home clutter free enures that the insects have no food sources.

Keep them Out

Ensure that your yard is clean and free of leaves and grass clippings.

This will keep away intruders. Also, be sure that all doors and windows have no openings.

Moreover, the following homemade spider repelllant can do wonders in your home:


  • A cup of white vinegar
  • 2 cups of water
  • 40 drops of peppermint oil


Simply mix all the ingredients and then spray it on the crevices, window sills, and doors.

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