Vaseline is over 140 years old, but many of us know it to have only a few uses.

However, you should realize that this is one of the cheapest, versatile beauty remedies you can have!

Here, we highlight 19 uses of vaseline that you’re probably not aware of.

    1. Remove eye makeup by  coating your eyelids and gently swabbing with a tissue.
    2. Highlight your cheekbones by patting and blending some vaseline across the cheekbones. The shine will attract light, creating a contoured effect.
    3. Gloss your lips. Add some red food dye to a dab of petroleum jelly for an instant lip color.
    4. Get a uniform tan. Dry skin normally soaks up excess tanning lotion, thereby leaving your skin splotchy. Smooth on some petroleum jelly before you use tanning products.
    5. To preserve your scent, dab vaseline on pulse points, such as wrists and the sides of your neck, before you spritz on perfume.
    6. Buff away dry skin. Mix vaseline with brown sugar to prepare a homemade exfoliator.
    7. Tame unruly eyebrows. Dot some vaseline on your finger tip and then sweep across your brows in a single direction,  from inside to out.
    8. Enhance eye shadow. Morph the powder shadows into creams for a more enhanced color (first, prime your eyelids with foundation and translucent powder to avoid creasing).
    9. Safeguard your skin from hair dye. Smooth a vaseline layer at your hairline before you use home color to avoid stubborn dark stains.
    10. Seal split ends. Coat your hair ends with vaseline to conceal dryness and frizz when you’re between trims.
    11. Stretch your lotion. Add some petroleum jelly to your moisturizer to make it last longer.
    12. Get a perfect manicure. Dab some vaseline around your nails when doing a pedicure or manicure to prevent polish from getting on your skin.
    13. Soften skin. Before you go to sleep, rub vaseline on the very dry areas of the skin, such as your elbows and the heels of your feet. Your skin will be super soft the next morning.
    14. Remove rings. Vaseline can help slide off a ring that is stuck on your finger.
    15. Stop squeaks. Apply some vaseline to squeaky hinges on cabinets or doors to keep them quiet.
    16. Shine shoes. You can use Vaseline to make your scuffed patent-leather shoes shine like new again.
    17.  You can use petroleum jelly to make a homemade lip or body scrub. Just mix an eighth of a   teaspoon of vaseline with ordinary sugar and you have your lip scrub. For a body scrub, you need to use more vaseline and replace the sugar with kosher salt, which has larger grains and hence more effective on a rough body skin.
    18. To make your legs glow, just mix some vaseline with an old, cracked bronzer and then smooth it over your legs.
    19. To open a stuck nail polish, simply  use a smidge of Vaseline on the bottle’s thread and it will be  ready to open at any time.


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