Amazing Denmark Is Set To Become World’s First 100% Organic Country


There is nothing greater, both socially and environmentally, than an entire nation going 100% organic!

Denmark is set to be the world’s first country to become 100% organic, following the announcement by the Danish government to transform the whole country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming.

Denmark is a front-runner when it comes to organic products, as well as how they trade with the world. Nonetheless, its government has set a bigger challenge, and has successfully raised 53 million euros in the past year, in a bid to convert the country into a 100% organic powerhouse.

This may seem like the most ambitious plan in the  21st Century, but it can be achieved considering the fact that the country has already proved its love for organic food.

Denmark is miles ahead of other countries in terms of organic food production. In fact, the national organic brand of Denmark is set to celebrate 25 years in business. This makes it one of the world’s oldest organic brands.  The result of this is that organic exports have gone up by a whooping 200% since 2007.

The Danish government has two primary angles of implementation:

  1. To turn traditional farmland into organic
  2. To stimulate increased demand for organic products

The goal is to double the land cultivated with organic methods by 2020, as explained in the 67-point document drafted by Økologiplan Danmark.

In addition to cultivating the government-owned land using organic and biodynamic methods, the government will also support and fund those working and investing in this sector.

The ministries, cities, and regions have joined hands, and all institutions have been mandated to lead by example, with the first organic target being 60% of food served to the public. This must be respected by schools, hospitals, as well non-privatized cafeterias.

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