Professor Colin T. Campbell, a professor of nutritional biochemistry at the Cornell University, has known no peace since he decided to conduct his controversial study.

While the CIA paid him a visit and interrogated him about his new findings, his colleagues advised him against continuing the controversial research. He was also threatened to lose his job.

However, he was unshaken and decided to stand with the truth. Dr Campbell discovered that the main reason behind chronic ailments, including cancer, was eating animal products like fish, meat, and milk.

He managed to find a relationship between breast cancer and casein, a milk protein. Despite being a professional, Dr Campbell strongly disapproves of popular diets as well as the stands of the celebrity doctors. According to him, doctors can’t be nutritionists since they don’t have the professional training to offer diet advice.

Having spent at least 50 years in publicly financed laboratories, Dr Campbell now wants to share his discoveries with the world. Likewise, he wants us to know that simple diet changes can play a great role in preventing heart complications, lowering our risk to diseases such as cancer, and even treating cancer.

According to Doctor Campbell’s findings, the consumption of animal products stimulates the cancer cells. Namely, a protein-rich diet increases the cancer cells proliferation and supplies oxygen to free radicles, which normally cause cancer.

The findings of Dr Campbell’s research show that the cure for cancer is in plants. While growing up, he believed that milk was extremely healthy. However, he would later discover that there’s a connection between animal protein and liver cancer.

He was surprised even more when an Indian study confirmed the very same thing. When the bubble of all his beliefs was burst, he decided to write a book about diet and epidemiologic studies in, collaboration with his son Thomas, in 2005.

The book was translated into 25 different languages and sold over a million copies. He wrote another book in 2013, which became a bestseller within no time. In the book, he mentions how casein is the worst carcinogenic ever found.

Edward Giovannucci, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public,  also agrees with Dr Campbell’s claims.

Despite the fact that Dr Campbell’s claims were made public, people still love consuming animal products. It is also worth noting that studies have reavelaed that milk doesn’t improve bone quality in the later years – it raises the risk of osteoporosis instead.

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