There’s nothing as shocking to a parent as seeing their child chocking and they don’t how to help the situation. 

Children tend to grab anything that is located nearby: walnuts, coins, seeds, etc.

These objects pose grave danger to children as they can cause chocking when put in the mouth. Here are simple steps with which you can save your baby in case of chocking.

Step one: Assess the situation

If your child produces strange sounds like wheezing, breathlessness, or cough whenever he opens his mouth, then he may be having difficulties breathing because of the presence of a foreign object.

If the child keeps quiet with his mouth open and the face turning purple or red, it indicates that his breathing is clogged and you must promptly help him regain his normal breathing.

If your child is crying loudly and coughing heavily, he can discard the object through coughing. However, if the coughing is quite weak and it appears like he’s choking. then you should assist him to throw out the object.

Step two: Try removing the obstruction from the airways

Hitting on the back

Put your forearm on your thigh. You should be in a sitting position with your palms up.

Place your child’s body on your forearm in a way that his stomach leans on your arm and your hand holding his jaw.

The child’s head ought to be lower than the body.

Hit the child’s back 5 times. Don’t be scared of applying a little bit more strength while at it.

You can try abdominal pressure if hitting on the back doesn’t yield any results. To do that, you need to hold the child in your lap, holding the head with your free hand. 

The child’s head has to be lower that his body. 

Using your free hand, place two fingers on the middle of the child’s chest, just below his nipples.

Press approximately 4 cm in depth and repeat the movement 5 times.

Repeat the process 5 times, before the obstructing object comes out.

Third step:

If there’s no outcome  so far,  you should try artificial respiration (CPR) as shown in the video below:


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