Fake Honey is Literally Everywhere – Here’s How to Know The Difference

It important to note that distribution of fake honey is increasing at an alarming rate.

As such, you need to learn to differentiate between pure honey and the fake one, so that next time you visit the grocery store you’ll not buy the fake honey, with the belief that it’s pure organic honey.

Real, pure honey is a bee product, which is also referred to as natural or organic honey.

Conversely, fake honey, or adulterated honey, contains numerous flavors and additives, including molasses, corn syrups, dextrose, and sugar syrups. Based on a test done by GHgeochem,

“If a pure honey has been adulterated with corn syrup, the isotope ratio will fall some way between the two values and hence adulteration will have been proved.”

This is a proof that most honey types that are labelled as pure  contain some addition of corn syrup.

Fortunately, there are a number of tests that you can perform to tell apart fake honey and genuine honey:


Heat up a few teaspoons of the honey in the microwave, and if it is real, it caramelizes. Yet, if it becomes foamy and bubbly, it is adulterated honey.


While real honey crystallizes over time, fake honey keeps its liquid, syrup-like composition.

3.Carefully Read The Label

You need to initially read the label before buying honey, in order to check for additives, as produces are obliged to label the content and the percentage by a certain amount.

4.Water and Honey

Soak the honey in water, and if it melts, it is fake, as real honey dissolves into the water and after the water cools, it forms in clumps on the bottom of the container.


Fake honey is high in water, so try putting a few drops of your honey on a sheet of paper, and if it gets absorbed, it is adulterated. All-natural honey won’t absorb in the paper.

6.Honey and Bread

Spread some honey on a slice of fresh bread, and if natural, the bread will harden. In the case of fake honey, the surface of the bread will become damp.

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