Get This Medicine 1 Time Per Year And You Will No Longer Have Diseases

This natural remedy is mainly composed of garlic. It was discovered by a Tibetian monk and it’s over five millennia old today.

According to experts, this is the most powerful natural remedy and it can help treat and prevent various kinds of health complications.

However, you are allowed to use it only once  in a year.

Besides being used in the preparation of different cuisines, raw garlic had also been traditionally used in the treatment of diseases such as heart  attacks, high blood pressure, reduced blood flow, low blood pressure and heart attacks.

Garlic is also effective in regulating the LDL cholesterol. Likewise, it has been scientifically confirmed that allicin, the active ingredient of garlic, acts in the same way as drug pressure drugs in reducing blood pressure.

Here’s how to prepare this powerful remedy:


  • 350 grams of garlic
  • 200 ml of 95% alcohol or rum

*This amount can last you 12 days.


Peel your garlic, mash it, and then add it to the alcohol. Afterward, put the mixture in a sterilized glass bottle. Leave it thus for about 10 days.

Afterward, strain the liquid, and then pour it into another glass bottle, which should  be stored in the fridge.


Add a drop of this remedy to a glass of  water. You should take a glass before breakfast and lunch.

Then in the evening add about 3 drops of this remedy to a glass of water and consume it before dinner.

This remedy has  amazing effects that will really shock you.

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