Healthy Breakfast That Prevents Colon Cancer And Melts Kilograms


Breakfast is one of the most important meals in your eating schedule as it sets you up for the day ahead.

There are many healthy meals that you can take for breakfast according to your personal diet and energy needs. One meal that clearly stands out is porridge.

Porridge can be made of flour from a mixture of cereals of just from the flour of one cereal.

There are convincing reasons why you should include it in your breakfast.

  1. Lasting feeling of satiety: Oatmeal contains a high amount of fiber. This makes it take longer to be digested thus making you feel satisfied for longer thus reducing your chances of resorting to junk foods to calm your hunger. It also improves digestion and thus weight loss.
  1. Lower cholesterol levels: Porridge contains lower cholesterol levels as it contains plant fats. Fats from plants are known to be less harmful compared to animal fat.  The fiber in it also helps control amount of fat by binding fats by itself, thereby facilitating complete breakdown of fats.
  1. Regulates blood pressure: There are many foods which are said to help in regulation of blood pressure; porridge is the best of them all. Since it is rich in plant fibers, if consumed regularly it regulates blood pressure by 30 percent.
  1. Fight against cancer: The foods that are known to best help reduce risk of colon cancer are whole grain cereals. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer are best prevented by regular consumption of oatmeal.

Apart from this mentioned reasons, porridge has a great influence on weight loss and regulation.

Thus if you want to keep up a healthy lifestyle you no which direction to go in your breakfast diet meal.

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